Marc by Marc Jacobs

Today I'm wearing Marc by Marc Jacobs

For some reason this outfit is giving me the urge to shoot myself out of a giant cannon... or possibly leap over a row of cars on a motorbike. What are you up to today?

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin


Anonymous said...

Fifi Lapin is the cutest, chicest rabbit ever!

Catherine Nikkal said...

Outfit is giving the urge to shoot myself out of a giant cannon.


Vivian Yuen said...

Ahhh, those stars are entrancing <3



AmazingBag said...

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igetakickoutofyou.me said...

All she's missing are some goggles! Fab outfit and fab illustration! Love Fifi Lapin. Cx

Eva woolley said...

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Miss.D said...

This is so cute I want to eat it! When will you start commissioning Fifi Lapin dolls in key season looks!?


Fashion Follows Her said...

Of Fifi you look adorable and super stylish too.

Vivek said...

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